The Presidential Yacht Ramsiss

Ramses was built in the 50s to serve the Egyptian Presidents and Egypt Guests,
It is such a famous one that it was used in some important events,
like "reversing the Nile River course", in May 1964.
It is also a famous one since it was used by some important characters,
like Presidents Nasser and Sadat of Egypt , Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union, Abd Al-Salam Aref, the first Iraqi president ,Al-Salal, the first Yemeni president ,Al-Hassan II King of Morocco, Josip Tito of Yugoslavia , Margrethe II Queen of Denmark and almost all the presidents and kings of the world who visited that area of Egypt in the 60s and until the end of the 70s.

A video demonstrates some of the most important events and characters used the yacht
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Yacht Details
Year: 1958
Manufacturer : Shalakany Shipyard
Hull Material: Steel
Deck Material: Wood
Location : Lake Nasser - Aswan - Egypt .
Dimensions : 30 meters / 100 feets long , 7 meters / 23 feets wide .
For Inquiry :
Mobile: 00201155556671 , 00201119144448